People always ask me why I have such a hard time letting people pay for me And why I always wanna pay. Well, I like paying for my own stuff but the biggest reason is I don’t want for some reason down the road someone to tell me .. You wouldn’t have that if I wasn’t for me or you owe me money or she’s a mooch etc. Not gonna happen! I’m an independent women who likes to pay for herself 

I want a country boy 
Who knows how to treat a lady but still has a wild side. Who looks hot as hell just wearing jeans and work boots. Who will let me drive his truck. Who will lay out under the stars with me, even if it’s just in my backyard. Someone I don’t have to dress up to impress or take it off to keep them around. I want picnics, bonfires. Muddin, snowball fights, fishing, kissing in the rain and silly pictures. I want cheesy dates, cuddlin and watching childhood movies. I want to smile when you smile and get lost in your eyes forever !!(: